Santa’s Photo Shoot – 4

Santa’s Photo Shoot – 4
by Tatiana

“Sophia enjoyed kissing me, as I, too, enjoyed her full lips, while Sasha rode my dick. We sucked her on tits and fingered her ass. She, too, squirted from delight as we drank her pussy juices. It was my turn to taste Sophia’s pussy. I pushed her onto the couch, spread her legs wide and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy, while Sasha’s tongue was inside my asshole. This was an amazing fuck fest that I truly enjoyed.”

“Sophia’s pussy tasted and smelled like cherry blossom, and I could not wait to fuck her. She begged me to put my ‘Lady-like’ dick inside her, ‘please,’ she screamed. As I entered her, my pussy climaxed immediately, and my dick got harder. I fucked her until she begged me for mercy and climaxed. After she came, I sucked on her clit and she squirted a river inside my mouth. After our fun-filled fuck fest was over, we all smiled, kissed passionately again; and they bathed me, dressed me and thanked me.”

She sat in the sauna feeling rejuvenated, totally relaxed, and feeling great.

Wow! That was fucking amazing and a total mind blow, she thought to herself. The way that they ate a pussy and an asshole was magical and she wanted to experience that again.

“So, I told management that is was the most mind blowing massage that I ever experienced. I requested Sophia and Sasha exclusively, and I gave them both a very hefty tip: $250 each.” As she entered their hotel suite, Noel was just finishing up his conference call for tomorrow’s photo shoot.

“He smiled at me, and motioned me to come to him. I did what I was told, and he kissed me. He held me close to him and buried his face in my lap. He whispered through his telephone conversation that I smelled great and that I looked refreshed. We smiled together as I ran my fingers through his hair.”

“‘That’s fine, Charlie, and excellent idea. Perfect. Fine, I will see you first thing in the morning, near the China Bowl. 8am is great. Good bye,'” Then, Noel hung up the phone and kissed me again. Then he asked about my massage, said that he missed me and was hungry.”

She blushed and told him that her much needed massage was “heavenly”, kissed him back and said that she missed him as well.”

“I told him I could eat a horse. We ordered lunch, kissed again and Noel described to me tomorrow’s ‘Santa photo shoot’. He stated that everyone has arrived, with the exception of a female model. We have not heard from her, and ‘this, of course, is pissing me off,’ stated Noel. I told him that it will all work out, and that she will show up. She was the key ingredient for the photo shoot that involved her, Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Lunch arrived and they ate humongous, delicious cheese burgers, stake fries and drank Dr. Pepper. Noel and I love drinking Dr. Pepper; the best drink ever created, she thought.