Santa’s Photo Shoot – 2

Santa’s Photo Shoot – 2
By Tatiana
He invited her out to dinner after the photo shoot, and the rest was history. They fell instantly in love but played it down completely. China continued to hide all her excitement and anxiety whenever they got the opportunity to work together. Noel is obsessed with taking photos of her beautiful, wet pink pussy that also happens to have a six-inch penis attached to it. He salivates and really gets excited every time she lets him photograph her. China loves the connection and the attention that he pays her, as if he is apologizing for the assholes in the world that reject her outright just because she is different. His giving and nurturing attitude toward her, as being a unique human, is unconditional. She is a beautiful, sexy-as-hell, curvaceous woman with a six-inch penis. 

How amazing is this shit, she smiled, thinking to herself.

They entered the Cascade Pavilion and were given the Presidential Suite. It was fucking awesome, spacious and beautiful.


”Noel told me to make myself at home, order anything that I like and handed me his black American Express card to use as I wished.”

She ran into his arms, kissed him so passionately, and felt his dick grow in his pants, hers quickly followed. Their eyes met and he said to her, that one day, you will be my wife. Her panties were drenched, and she wanted to ride his dick like a winning jockey in the Kentucky Derby.

”He started panting and whispered in my ear that he had a very important conference call in five minutes to discuss Santa’s photo shoot featuring Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

She immediately stopped sucking on his tongue, allowed her body to slide down his hard, firm body and grabbed his cock. She froze in time and tried to hide her surprise, that his dick was the size of an infant. Noel never wore jeans or underwear as he stated that they are very uncomfortable and now she understood why. 

China telephoned the concierge and made a reservation for a four-handed reflexology, aromatherapy message that they could schedule immediately. She ran over to Noel, kissed him firmly on the lips, grabbed her belongings and headed to the Cascade Spa. As she entered, her hormones were blazing and she needed to fuck in the worst way. She truly missed having her pussy eaten, fucked and sucked by trusted friends who were eager and interested in doing her a solid with their manhood inside her aching, waiting pussy. China wanted to fuck now and in a minute, it will be with whomever. She loved to fuck, have oral and anal sex on a continuous basis and climax daily. However, since she met Noel she had shut down her sex escapades because China only desires Noel. But, shit, how long does she have to wait to feel his inviting huge cock in her pen-puss? 

I’ll be patient. I want to spend the rest of my life with a man that truly loves all of me, she thought. 

Noel and China had a great deal in common; they are both bi-racial, love anything erotic and, most especially, sucking dick.

“He has yet to confess this deep dark secret, but I know because how he responds when he is photographing male models.”