Santa’s Photo Shoot – 1

Santa’s Photo Shoot – 1
by Tatiana

Recently, China was given an amazing opportunity to accompany Noel Dansford the world-renowned erotic photographer on a photo shoot in Vail, CO. She always dreamed of taking to the slopes through the famous China Bowl, located only in Vail, CO, and having wild sex on an off-beaten ski trail. China got the call early one morning in the spring of 2013, saying she had to fly to the Big Apple, all expenses paid. She would be staying at The Vintage Plaza in SoHo with a chauffeur-driven car daily.

”Noel and I met on his photo shoot project A Chocolate Merry Christmas Calendar of twelve men of many different hues, colors, and sizes for each month. The only requirement for the photo shoot was that their penis had to be at least 12 inches long, ‘relaxed.’ Noel asked me to set-up each month, the props and the penis.”

China was a make-up artist, stylist and photo shoot specialist with an emphasis on eroticism set-ups. She was in demand as a stylish asset to any set and had many high-end paying celebrity clients. 

Mr. November was covered in fall-like leaves, with his manhood protruding out from under a pile of particularly bright orange leaves. Mr. December was wrapped in red, white and green Christmas-ornament cellophane paper accessorizing with five shiny bulbs hanging from his penis. And Mr. January was covered in snowflake flurries; the only thing displayed was his beautiful penis and a big navy blue iridescent bow tied on his penis: a true winter wonderland.

“My touch was direct, soft and gentle, while I tried desperately not to turn them on. Noel was very impressed with how I handled each model, as I was not nervous and very professional to the touch.”

Once when he was wrapping up another photo shoot of the hot sexy black hunks of many shades, and it was clear Noel also felt turned on by their beautiful, big, black cocks. China noticed it but acted like she did not see his pants bulging from excitement, as he tried desperately to keep it hidden. 

The interesting thing about Noel is that he is not pussy hungry or a cunt hound, far from it. He just loves the beauty and art of the pussy and making love to it in the same manner, so China had heard. 

If you ever skied in Vail, you know all about the China Bowl. It’s pure back country, literally in the shape of a bowl. China grew up a snow bunny but never skied in Vail, let alone the China Bowl. When he asked her to accompany him, she said, “hell yeah.” Since they have been dating for six months; and Noel has not fucked her in four months, because he is a workaholic, saying no was not an option. She caught him staring at her all the time, as he truly loves photographing her. She is following his lead and being patient. Why? Because what she has between her legs is shocking, wicked and not forgiving to some. That is the main reason that China never, ever, never rushes into fucking anyone, because she is well aware of the consequences; they have never been too good.