Podcast Debut of Oralicious: A Tale of Sex

TUNE IN TO BE BOLD! Podcast Debut of Oralicious: A Tale of Sex. It’s time to reconsider what you think you know about sex. Did you know that a 2016 study out of Canada determined that women were twice as likely to give oral sex to their partner but half as likely to enjoy it? That among over 3,000 sexually active Millennials, 35% of women and 15% of men have said they take part in anal sex regularly? And that among sexually active adults, across orientations, straight women are the least likely to achieve an orgasm from sexual stimulation? Tatiana Carrera, an oral sex advocate and author of the self-help guide Oralicious, wants to discuss on her new podcast, Oralicious: A Tale of Sex. She wants to shatter the glass ceiling, dispel of the negative notion that oral sex is a bad, disgusting or foul thing. Surprisingly, the very idea of oral sex is still somehow taboo in the 21st century, and that’s because America want to believe that some things should remain sacred, wholesome, and the Leave It to Beaver era is not completely lost. Tatiana gets it, but we all know that simply isn’t the case. Especially since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, oral sex is no longer a “dirty” act that had no place in the marital bedroom. It literally was a guilty pleasure that “decent” people saw as taboo. Tatiana wants to help dispel that taboo status by presenting the Oral Sex Bill of Rights to the pioneers who tune in to her debut podcast delivered on National Orgasm Day (July 31, 2018). She wants this Bill of Rights to start a healthy dialogue about oral sex and break ground on a new movement that will finally carry it—right into the mainstream. It’s natural, it’s stimulating, and it’s so good for your body!Oralicious: A Tale of Sex will air every other week, and feature a different format for each day—excluding the format of the debut show on Tuesday, July 31; and the remainder of that week. Motivation Monday: Exploring how good oral sex is for the mind, body, and spirit; Tasty Tuesday: When an erotic baker or chef will be invited to showcase their talents and talk freely about it; Hump Wednesday: Tatiana will feature male/female erotic dancers, local and national, to hold a sexy Q&A; Thirsty Thursday: the Oralicious Cocktail will be served to a guest DJ who will share some conversation and spin tracks with suggestive lyrics; and Freaky Friday: Where the listeners will listen to an open panel discussion on a selected topic featuring up to 5 special guests.  When she isn’t exploring the content of her book, Oralicious, or discussing the most popular posts on her blog, she’ll be talking to extra special guests about their views on oral sex, and all things sexy—and that’s just to get the party started!Be sure to tune in to Tatiana’s debut Oralicious: A Tale of Sex podcast now on iTunes or www.oralicious.com/podcast on July 31, 2018; the “official” launch date. Besides in bed, there isn’t another way to celebrate National Orgasm Day by being bold, sexy, and oralicious!Contact Tatiana Carrera for interview opportunities or for further information on when and how to tune in to the debut podcast ([email protected]).