Happy National Orgasm Day

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I was right all along, in that oral sex is not just about sex but a very intimate, #passionate #sexual act that should be respected.  #Sex is sex, but oral sex (BJ or clit-lick) is deeply #pornographically personal; and #AWESOME.

P-Squared Poem Image 5.13.14 Blog


I am not a shamed of my weakness

My Passion for the Pussy

As I can’t live without it

I tried to ignore my burning desire

The hunger deep within

But the addiction festers

As my Passion for it always wins

I want to cure this sickness.

As I wish that it was…heroin, weed or coke

 Because of it I am broke.

She smells my pheromones, a mile away…

I try to escape but my pride gets in the way.

She laughs and walks toward me… and I back away.

She calls my name that drives me insane.

 It’s my fucking Passion that feeds and craves that thang…

I beg and beg to set me free…

 But she knows that I am lying and laughs at me. 

You know that you want this Pussy

…Because Passion has told me so.

So stop fighting, surrender and let go

He obeys and falls to his knees

Pussy opens her legs…

As Passion takes the lead

Passion can’t be denied when you are performing oral sex on the penis (my passion), and/or the pussy. A great blow job or clit-lick is all about passion, and how you get lost while performing your action of love.  It that what’s its all about….what fuels passion; but love…?