End Boring Sex

Our 5 Senses

We live in a fast paced…

We live in a fast paced, instant gratification, and sexually charged culture that moves from point “A” right to “Z” when defining how orgasms are and should be obtained, often ignoring points “B” through “Y.”

Focusing on the now…

So, do we focus on the now, instant sexual gratification in the hopes of achieving an orgasm, while eliminating all that falls in between? Or, do we actually enjoy the sexual Pleasure Journey by Kissing, incorporating our 5 Senses when we are in the act of foreplay, and finding our Erogenous Zones, so that we can achieve an explosive orgasm?

The Pleasure Journey

Our bodies are designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and one way is by way of sexual stimulation. Having an orgasm releases stress, adds a healthy glow to your complexion, keeps your blood flowing, it’s the best cardio ever, contributes to your emotional health and releases toxins from the body naturally.

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