Achieving an Orgasm

Fact: 80% of women have difficulty achieving an orgasm when having sex.

At the age of 15, I worked at the Donnell Library in NYC in the Young Adult section. It was there that all aspects of sex captivated me, in particular the female and male body and how they achieved orgasm.

I was completely captivated by the topic of orgasms.

From their origin to how they affected women and men to how they were achieved.  What I did learn in my adolescent years (many moons ago) is that to achieve orgasm, you have to allow your mind to be free, uninhibited, and open to pleasure.  Learning about my body and experiencing unrequited love of self, I wanted to nurture and share my knowledge with the world.  My quest was to solve the “no orgasm during sex” problem, especially for most women.  Initially, I was not concerned or interested in the male orgasm, because…

Fact: 75% of men reach orgasm consistently.

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