A Turn Off: Hard, Firm and Inflexible LIPS

Lips are soft, sensitive to the touch and have the ability to create sexual stimulation for you and your partner at the start of sex.  If your lips are hard as a rock, firm, and inflexible while kissing and at the start of sex, who do you think you are about to turn on, the surrounding walls?  Learn to RELAX and RELAX those soft, beautiful, gentle lips that you possess; so then you can create arousal for you and your partner.  Lips are supple and an aphrodisiac that generates arousal during a passionate kiss that leaves you wanting more.  That’s right – an aphrodisiac – because lips have the ability to arouse sexual desires from within for you and your partner. Remember, you don’t want to cut or injure your partner during sex with hard and inflexible lips.  No, you want to relax those soft, gentle lips so  they can travel effortlessly all over the body, finding and loving on those erogenous zones with passion and vigor: without a hitch.  Toss those hard and inflexible lips into the trash can.  Pull out those soft, hot lips you possess; so then you can get totally turned on the right way and reach that big O (orgasm) for you and your partner. ;o)

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